Ciprian Manda


Ciprian graduated Architecture and Design University of Bucharest. He creates complex buildings with a great care for details, from the stage of conception to the thoroughness of intricate interior design.

One of his passions is wood, which he crafts with architecural rigour in his own design studio Silva Artis. Ciprian is a new type of designer since he is also the maker of his own furniture. His labour emphasizes the natural massiveness of wood, always following the strength and beauty of the tree. He doesn’t use wood just as a means to an end. Following an archaic craft philosophy, he models nature with care and respect, integrating in his wood giants little secret portals of wonder. His trademark is his woodworking joinery, which he makes with an obsession for perfection. He works in a traditional way but with a contemporary touch of abstractisation. It seems that his geometric interventions have actually grown there, disturbing the wood fiber as little as possible, creating the illusion of unity with the massive body.