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DELTACRAFT is aimed at revitalising traditional crafts in the Danube Delta area through the collaboration between local artisans and contemporary designers. Together they created a collection of objects inspired by culture, history, resources and techniques typical for this region.

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Collection .

DELTACRAFT collection illustrates crafts skills and techniques from the Danube Delta area. The objects are a symbolic representation of locally sourced raw materials, of community food and power, memory of place and heritage.

Team .

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Ciprian Manda

Emese Pop

Ana Botezatu

Marlene Stanciu

Mihai Sibianu

Artisans .

10 different artisans, teams and individuals from this area, manually produced DELTACRAFT collection. They integrated their wisdom, their knowledge, their patience and aesthetics into meticulously made utilitarian and conceptual ensembles. Designers and artisans worked collectively as a unique team, influencing the process and each other, experimenting with materials they have never used before.

Florica Arion

bulrush braiding and weaving

Toader Calciu

blacksmithery, shoeing horses, woodwork

Paraschiva Constantin

hand-loom weavings, wool knitting

Costel&Verginica Crimschi

reed thatching, reed and willow weaving, clay works, cooperage

Paraschiva Galateanu

embroidery, wool knitting, hand-loom weaving

Mircea Ghincu

fretwork using various materials (wood, perspex)

Constantin Moise

manual stone cutting, monuments, restoring antique forts

Jenica Nicolae

Bulrush weavings

Gabi Iaba

fishing net knotting

Florian Toma

harnesses, horse collars, horse ornaments, manual tanning of cowhide

Organisations .

The Centre for Sustainable Policies Ecopolis, together with KraftMade and the „Gavrilă Simion” Institute of ecomuseology Research Tulcea (ICEM) have set out to bring the deltaic crafts into contemporary object design. This project was aimed, on one hand to find sustainable solutions to put local artisans on the market, and on the other, to highlight the uniqueness of the Danube Delta area, resorting to history and culture, memory and senses.

Ecopolis is a non-governmental organization founded in 2009, aiming at elaborating public policies based on sustainable development principles and to find efficient solutions to problems in the area of sustainability.

The programs developed by Ecopolis target environment issues by carrying out studies, surveys, campaigns and projects; they also target social aspects, following the implementation of projects promoting social economy and development of local communities.

Ecopolis aims to preserve habitats and life forms hosted in the Danube Delta in a relatively small area. The Danube Delta is a true biodiversity museum, a priceless treasure for the universal, cultural and natural heritage. In order to protect and conserve it we need, beside advocacy and the elaboration of public policies, to develop sustainable activities within the local communities that lead to an increase in the inhabitants’ standard of living and to a decrease in the pressure on ecosystems.

Revitalising and reinventing traditional crafts of the Danube Delta communities is a necessary step for the conservation of this unique world cultural heritage. Moreover, artisans’ capacity building for appealing to an urban public is essential in a long term development perspective.

DELTACRAFT meets this need, aiming to empower 10 artisans in making contemporary products based on their craftsmanship, gaining new insights from working together with designers for design production.


We respect tradition. We share a passion for craft. We express ourselves in contemporary culture. We believe in things well made. We breathe the magic of stories and are charmed by little details. We empower communities and think sustainably. We think functional minimalism is beautiful but cultural-rooted complexity is more. Because hands are the most complex instrument we have, and because we want to share the ancient wisdom and heritage, we created KRAFTMADE.

KRAFTMADE is a creative studio by Marlene Stanciu and Mihai Sibianu. We create ties and interferences between contemporary and archaic culture, cultivating, developing and integrating heritage craft skills and grassroot, nature-led values into totay’s culture and lifestyle.

Power to the hands.

Thanks .

We would like to say a special thank you
to the families of the artisans
and to all collaborators
who made DELTACRAFT happen.

Toyota Material Handling Romania
Lilli Hollein, Gabriel Andronescu, Irina Halina Cornisteanu,
Silva Artis, Roald Aron, Domnica Maftei
Institutul Cultural Român, Institutul Cultural Român Viena, Hotel Delta Tulcea, Casa Pescarilor Lunca, Administrația Rezervației Biosferei Delta Dunării, Primăria Luncavița, Primăria Isaccea, Liceul Tehnologic "Simion Leonescu" Luncavița, Direcția Silvică Tulcea
Igloo, Zeppelin, Institute, The Magazine, Șapte Seri, Think Outside the Box, Green Report, Adela Pârvu, Asociația Mici Producători

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