Paraschiva Constantin

hand-loom weavings, wool knitting


The "Constantin Paraschiva" Museum from Visina is known all over Dobrogea. Everything started with Ms. Parachiva’s passion for folklore and handmade items. This is a museum hosting objects made during various periods reflecting the ethnic and cultural specificity of the area (carpets, traditional costumes, traditional peasant blouses, towels, bedding, table cloths etc.).

"I made my own dowry. To this day I still keep the table cloth laid on my wedding day that I myself had woven and embroidered" she says.

She learned embroidery from her mother and she hasn’t let go of this craft since she was 12. An ambitious woman, Ms. Paraschiva learned to weave traditional blouses on her own, in 2005, then tailoring from her sister and ever new patterns of wool knitting.

Ms. Parachiva’s creations show Bulgarian influences infused by her mother who was an ethnic Bulgarian, always wearing her traditional costume.