Gabi Iaba

fishing net knotting


"I’ve always lived among fishermen. It would have been impossible for me not to learn this technique of making fishing nets".

Born and raised in a deaf-mute family from Braila, he found it difficult to fit in his environment. The death of his mother while he was a child made him search isolation even more. That’s how he got to live in Sulina, where he has been fishing since he was 12.

He had an uncle here, the first to put the fishing rod into his hands and teach him the secrets of fishing. Knotting and repairing fishing nets came naturally, out of necessity: "Nobody’s teaching you how to knot. You have to steal it!".

He makes all the nets on his own and knots them using a small shuttle made out of "little evil" – barberry, a local shrub. Gillnets, fyke nets and other such wonders he makes knot by knot in the most various shapes, round, long, unraveled or tangled, on hoops or holders, depending on the situation. "It’s not a difficult technique, but you need to know how to knot and what’s your next step", he says smiling.