Florica Arion

bulrush braiding and weaving


"We’ve worked with bulrush for many generations in our village. In our family, my father was the one to weave bulrush and he taught me. If I didn’t like this craft, I wouldn’t have practiced it today, after retiring from Luncavita artisans’ cooperative".

Ms. Florica was born in Luncavita and has been weaving bulrush since she was 16. Nowadays she’s making mostly hats and shoes on some special lasts, but also matts using the bulrush loom. Bulrush, a warm and resistant material which can even be washed, can take any shape or pattern in the skillful hands of Ms. Florica.

She thinks the craft of weaving bulrush must be taken further and that she is open to teach anyone who is interested in mastering it.