Florian TOma

harnesses, horse collars, horse ornaments, manual tanning of cowhide


Florian Toma has a large family, and when they work together it seems like a real manufacturing line. They are hardworking and always light at heart while small jewels come out of their hands as if on a conveyor belt. Each of them knows his place, from the oldest to the youngest. They organize quickly around certain tasks; they help eachother and step in for one another naturally.

The craft of harness making goes back in their family for as long as they know. "In 10 years from now we’ll be still here making harnesses. We were born with this craft and we love doing it. We won’t give it up no matter what".

They buy the cowhide from the slaughterhouse, tan it manually in their workshop and process it in various harness models. For Dobrogea they make horse collars, richly adorned with hobnails, tassels and straps, but they also make classic harnesses used in the rest of the country.