Costel and Verginica Crimschi

reed thatching, reed and willow weaving (fences and baskets), clay works (clay-brick houses), cooperage


When we told them we wanted to make a table filled with clay, they looked at each other and laughed: "We never heard of such thing before!", but the next line came quickly after: "We’ll help you as good as we can!", said Mr. Costel.

Costel and Verginica Crimschi live in one of the most isolated villages of the Danube Delta: Letea, commune of C.A Rosetti. From 1992 until 2000 Costel was the mayor and vice-mayor of his village. Together with Petre, his son, he’s thatching reed and are known all over the Delta as authentic craftsmen. They work "German" style for covering the houses and "Russian" style for awnings and other annexes of the household. Moreover, he makes wine barrels and baskets out of wicker or other wands.

The Crimschi house is made of clay and once in two or three years only very little cracks appear. Ms. Verginica takes care of that, with a helping hand from her husband. She didn’t learn this technique from her family, but from the village people. "Anything you don’t know, you ask and learn. This is how you succeed!".