Constantin Moise

manual stone cutting, monuments, restoring antique forts


"Being a stone cutter is a tough job, but if you like it, if you dream about stones at night, it’s impossible not to achieve what you have set out to do".

Stone cutting is an old traditional craft in the village of Greci. He inherited the tools and the skill from his great-grandfather, while he learned the actual craft from one of his relatives working in the quarry.

He first graduated food studies in a local high school. Back then he wouldn’t have imagined he would take up this craft. But early on in his life he was pushed by circumstances to make a shift, so he’s been modelling the Greci granite, one of the toughest rocks in the world, since he was 18. He works together with his cousin Iulian Cortel, plating houses and fences with stone slabs, making pedestals and monuments – including funeral monuments and restoring the antique forts from this side of the Danube shore. For the most daring clients they even make stone sculptures, engravings or motives in granite, marble or limestone – mainly locally sourced.